UI Design
Project Overview
Unnwind is a social media platform startup that aims to create a space for users and their professional network to relax, share fun posts, participate in "strides" challenges and remain connected while working from home.
My Contributions
As the product designer of Unnwind, I have established the visual design system of the mobile app, landing page and logo while collaborating closely with the web development and executive teams.
UI design of Unnwind platform showing each feature
I especially like the "Strides" feature, where users can compete, individually or as a team, to achieve a certain number of daily steps. This feature not only provides motivation to engage in physical activity while working from home, but also creates a sense of connectedness between you and your network/co-workers.

Moreover, users can form a team and create a challenges sponsored by a company. When the goal is reached, the sponsor donates a set amount to an organization of the team’s choice.
"Strides" Feature
These screens show the "strides" feature in detail. Users can compete with coworkers to achieve the most daily steps.
I wanted the logo design to be recognisable, memorable and to speak to our target audience. I chose playful, clean typography and came up with an emoji-like icon that reprensents the essence of the mobile app.
Logo Design
Logo design for Unnwind
I made a set of 55+ custom illustrations to create a memorable experience for users, establish brand awareness, and increase emotional appeal. The illustrations were used on the landing page, promotional videos and as "stickers" within the app.

The illustrations are inspired by activities we usually do while working from home, from taking a break to walk the dog, to video calls.
Custom Illustrations
Illustrations of a person working from home and another eating on the couchIllustrations of a person doing yoga and another working from homeIllustrations of a person walking with their child and a person working from home.Illustrations of a person working from home, and another jumping the ropeIllustrations of a person walking their dog, and a person working from home.