Shelly News

UI Design
Project Overview
Shelly News is a social media news-based platform startup, that aims to create a novel experience around news articles, where users can engage in discussions around the news they consume. The beta version of the mobile app was recently launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
My Contributions
As the product designer of Shelly News, I integrate functionality, usability, and design to offer an enjoyable news consumption experience. I collaborate closely with stakeholders and web developers to design and shape unique, user-centric products.
User Personas
Creating user personas helped me translate the user journey into an intuitive interaction. It also allowed me to stay focused on the user needs and goals and develop informed wireframes and site architecture.

Brand Guidelines
I created brand guidelines to reference while designing the platform. It facilitated maintaining the quality and integrity of the brand and gave the developers a solid framework to refer to while coding.