I'm Dana Vazquez, a graphic & product designer who strives to create simple and impactful user experiences.

Dana smiling, wearing a turtle neck sweater in the woods
Shelly News
Social media startup platform that creates novel experiences around news and the people you care about
UI Design
Social media startup platform to bond with your professional network and unwind
UI Design
EITC Infographic Series
Awareness campaign for the Earned Income Tax Credits
Information Visualization
Craigslist Redesign
Explores improvements to the Craigslist user interface and experience
Health in Action - Undergraduate Thesis
My thesis project focused on making medical infomation accessible and easy to understand to those who need it the most
Information Visualization
Corporate Flyer for AMNY
Flyer to help boost sales and spread awareness of the company
Sales Collateral

My experience

As a marketing specialist, I have experience designing infographics, social media content, presentations, flyers, and sales collateral. I also have experience executing all design stages of mobile and dektop platforms, from concept to final hand-off to the engineering team.

Rapid Response Monitoring
Digital Creative Specialist
Jul 2021 - Present
Shelly News
Product Designer
Jul 2019 - Aug 2021
Advance Media New York
Temp. Creative Consultant
Dec 2019 — Feb 2020
Product Designer
Aug 2020 — Aug 2021

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